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Thursday, November 7th 2013

Pebble Smartwatch Video

Transvideo Studios produced the Pebble video posted today on their site, yielding over 50k views in its first day. Video

Monday, August 30th 2010

What We Do: A Manifesto

Transvideo Studios has been in business for more than 30 years.  During this time, we have learned a lot from working with the largest companies in Silicon Valley, and beyond.  As a result, here is what any client can expect when working with us: 1. We are experts in how video works for companies and organizations, worldwide.  [...]

Thursday, August 12th 2010

More Than A Blip

The Blippy “What’d You Get?” video is a short animation that introduces the world to Blippy. What is Blippy? Blippy is a new social-commerce site that lets you share your purchases with friends, who share their purchases with you. Blippy came to us with a need for a short, concise video that would not just [...]

Thursday, August 12th 2010

Transvideo Studios on Techcrunch

Transvideo Studios was recently featured on Techcrunch for our work with Blippy and other tech companies in Silicon Valley. We’re very proud of the quality of work we provide companies in the area, and were humbled by the kind words in the blog post. The full article is here:

Thursday, June 10th 2010

Our Social Media Presence

Transvideo Studios and Picturelab are very active on social media these days.  Here we post our latest projects, provide updates on what we are up to, and share our thoughts on what we like in the industry these days.  We encourage you to visit the links below and follow, like, and connect with us via [...]

Saturday, June 5th 2010

Why Overview Videos Matter

Our signup rate from paid ads just about doubled after we put the video on our home page. We made no other changes. – Andrew Erlichson, CEO, Phanfare. Though many more companies are finally starting to embrace it, the practice of creating short videos to introduce products and services is still nascent in Silicon Valley.  [...]

Saturday, June 5th 2010

The Animation Process

Animation has become such an important part of our work that we spun-off a dedicated design and creative subsidiary named Picturelab.  Though not every step happens exactly as described below, particularly given tight timelines, we wanted to describe the process we aim for on all our animation projects: 1.  Introduction. Since this is typically the [...]

Saturday, April 17th 2010

Meet Picturelab

Transvideo Studios is proud to introduce you to Picturelab, our in-house design division focusing on creative direction and development.