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Introducing an exciting creative design innovation called Integrated Video. Developed by Transvideo Studios & Picturelab... the same folks that have produced over 10,000 online videos yielding more than 200 million hits for companies and startups like Google, Facebook, Apple, Box & Mint. Now it’s a far more enjoyable online experience. No more waiting for separate video windows to open. No more multiple user clicks just to see your video. Instead, videos play seamlessly within existing page content, and the videos themselves blend with the design of web pages around them. Existing SEO & links remain visible and accessible. You get all the conversion benefits of video, a more elegant creative design, plus a more efficient use of website real estate.

Click on the play buttons in the following examples to see for yourself...

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An Integrated video can be designed for just about any existing webpage, or part of your overall design strategy for new or updated websites. Call or email us for more information.

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