How the Cloud Drive works for you

It's a super home drive and a network drive in one

Supercharge your desktop easily

Works just like your desktop file system, with the ability to load 1,000’s of files and work on heavy duty desktop apps

Handle thousands of files intelligently

Browse 1,000’s of files, but selectively sync only the ones you need for local performance and offline access

Keep working on any devices

Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android access in the office and outside, online or offline, anywhere in the world

Share securely with individuals and groups

Share files with coworkers or clients, by simple secure link or like a super-available network share

“We love Oxygen. It’s easy to deploy, and the tech support team has been great to work with and always gets back to us in time. Every release is twice as functional as the last one – the product is absolutely great.”

Robert McDougall, Senior Vice President of IT - Cassidy Turley

How the Cloud Drive connects to IT

Makes global cloud storage feel local
Makes local storage feel like the cloud