Transvideo - Picturelab sample work

Facebook: Ads Explainer

Like Google, Facebook has been going through a period rapid expansion, and had a serious need to place themselves in the forefront of advertising media, especially for small, local business, when social network was neither well understood or taken seriously by advertisers. Hence, the Facebook Ads Explainer video, which not only explained why small business should advertise on Facebook, but gave a sense of how easy and cost effective it could be. This was followed by a series of walkthrough videos, showing advertisers step-by step how to create a Facebook campaign.

Blippy: Overview

Overview video for Overview

Carwoo: Overview

Overview of how CarWoo! works.

Intuit: Quicken Overview

This video is featured on the home page, as well as in product with every purchase of Quicken.

Checkpoints: Overview

Overview of Checkpoints services at

Sliderocket: Overview

SlideRocket approached us to create a brand new video that captured the breadth and power of their presentation platform. We collaborated on the messaging and developed a visual approach that synched with a revamp of their product and site. Approximate budget: $23,000

Shareabill: Want List

Overview of the new Want List feature of Shareabill found at

Facebook: 500 Million

Video testimonial of how Levi's, Sephora, Pedigree, and M&Ms use Facebook for their marketing.

Mint: Quest for Credit Trailer

Trailer for upcoming short animation for The Quest for Credit.

See it on Youtube. Sharing. Reinvented.

Phanfare: Overview

Mint: A Trillion Dollar Visualized

Box: What Will You Choose?

Video featuring CEOs and founders of Cloud companies, SlideRocket, PBworks, Socialtext, Get Satisfaction, SugarCRM, Zuora, Xobni Sharepoint Frustrations

Animation for created over real audio interviews of employees frustrated over having to use Microsoft SharePoint at their companies.

Google Apps: Cloud Computing

Mint: Unemployment Game

From The Unemployment Game Show: Are You *Really* Unemployed?

Ustream: Producer Overview Overview

Overview video of

Fuze Meeting: Overview

Google: Creative Sandbox

Kickoff video for Google's Creative Sandbox events for Creative Agencies.

Youtube link

Yahoo: Newspaper Consortium

Sizzle Reel for Newspaper consortium

Alikelist: Overview

With some client branding guidance, we created this simple introduction demo with a combination of design and screencast. Approximate budget: $12,000

Graphics Reel

Fuze Box: Tweetshare

Google Music Search: Launch

Google Sketchup: Massive Black

Transvideo: Stage One Overview

Transvideo Studios's 60'x80' Stage 1 is one of the largest soundstages in the Bay Area. It is designed to be a flexible, comfortable production environment, and has played host to nearly every type of production imaginable for companies from San Jose to San Francisco and beyond.

Transvideo Studios Reel 2009

Google Docs: Dublin Roommates

Google flew our production team to Dublin, Ireland to capture the unique situation of roommates communicating living arrangements through Google Docs.


Show intro.

OpenBox from

TVS Videographer Reel

Google: Adwords Reseller

Google: Mobile Tricks

Worldwide campaign video conceived, shot, and completed in two weeks. Almost 2 Million total views.

Youtube Link 1

Youtube Link 2

Distilled Clothing: Fall Line

Website showcasing Distilled Clothing's Fall 2008 line.

Google Sketchup: CD Storage

Huddler: Overview Testimonial

Stay In School


Google Maps: Alien Family

Google Realtime Search: Launch Vision

Vision statement for Box believes in three principles when designing its software: Make it Simple, Mobile, and Open. The video is currently seen at Budget: $30,000

Phoenix: Hyperspace Demo

Google: Introducing Street View

Most successful product launch in Google history up to that point. 2 Million views on Youtube in two days, plus worldwide television coverage. Second most viral video in Google history (after Gmail M-velope Campaign). 12 Million views.

Youtube link

SecureCore Tiano - Phoenix Technologies

48hr Film: The Legend of Chloe

Winner of the Best Picture for the 2009 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Festival out of 70 teams. Written, shot, and edited entirely in 48 hours.

Google Maps: Behind the Pin

Phoenix Freeze: Demo

Google TV Ads: Launch

Google TV Ads Short

iGoogle: Artists Themes

Video for official launch of iGoogle Artists Themes. Videos launched simultaneously worldwide in 12 different languages

Youtube link

iGoogle Comics and Nature Launch

Nimbula: Overview

Overview of Nimbula's services at

Transvideo: 2010 Demo Reel

Transvideo Studios is the largest production company in the Silicon Valley, and has been a fixture of the Bay Area since 1981. Located in Mountain View, we provide a comprehensive range of top notch production services to meet all your production needs.

Google: Streetview Olympics Google Apps

Codesion: Product Demo

Fuze Box: Tweetshare Interview

Mint: Quest for Credit

Oxygen Cloud: Overview

Overview video for Oxygen Cloud.

PAMF: Cancer Center

A video for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation's new Community Cancer Center in Sunnyvale, CA.

Facebook: Designing Ad

Walkthrough on how to design an Ad on Facebook

Facebook: Targeting Ads

Walkthrough of how to target an ad on Facebook.

Facebook: Pricing Ads

Walkthrough of how to price an ad campaign on Facebook.

Cisco: Mail Migration

City of White Gold

Although we completed the full documentary, this is a sample trailer that was used as a pitch for investors.

Facebook: Deals Launch

After the successful 500 million Friends launch, Facebook came back to us to launch their Deals product with some interviews and playful b-roll.

Google: Marketplace Edu

Proximic: Overview

Overview of the services for

Top Prospect: Overview