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The Art of Overview Videos

Our signup rate from paid ads just about doubled after we put the video on our home page. We made no other changes. - Andrew Erlichson, CEO, Phanfare.

We specialize in overview videos, and we work very hard to understand your goals, your audience, your company, and your brand, to help distill your value proposition in simple terms and give you the video you need.  Even if you've never worked on a video before, we guide from start to finish, to make sure you have a fantastic experience.

Our work is highly polished and tailored for the specific needs and style of our clients. Our clients know that a video we provide will not be done in the "Transvideo" style, but rather in the style of the company we work for. We avoid trendiness in favor of what actually works, based on our experience with hundreds of Silicon Valley companies over the last three decades.

Serving Silicon Valley

Located in the heart of the tech community, we are experts in serving the needs of the area - delivering top-notch launch videos, product overviews, case studies, testimonials, television ads, commercials, and much more.

We manage the tight deadlines and shifting nature of web technology without blinking an eye. We structure our projects to accommodate the way clients work. Our job is not to educate them or fit them into our model - we adapt to their needs.

Featured Project


Phanfare: Where Photos Live

Phanfare is a new way of organizing and managing your photos online, so you'll never have to worry about losing your photos.

Phanfare contacted us to create a video that explains why their service is better than the many photo services out there. We created a piece that appealed to people who understand the importance of preserving your digital photos for life.

You can also see the results on Youtube.

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