Staff, Equipment, and Services

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Comprehensive and Detail Oriented

Whether a complete production package or a la carte bookings for space, equipment, and crew, we provide a range of top notch services and highly experienced staff. Every member of our team is fanatical about quality and attention to detail. We have decades of collective experience and are familiar with the latest technology and best industry practices.

If you're looking for shooting space, we've got the best in the Silicon Valley. We offer lighting instruments, camera packages, and green or blue screen drops. Our staff can provide excellent VFX supervision and we specialize in super-clean green screen shooting.


Our full-time staff can be hired to fill key positions on your production, quickly and consistently. Our in-house crew is technically savvy and has a wide range of production experience, from industrial to commercial, from documentary to VFX-driven.

For broadcast or ENG crews, visit our Broadcast page.


We offer extensive equipment rentals including HD cameras, decks, monitors, dolly and jib, grip and lighting. Hourly and daily rates are available, as well as flexible package pricing.


Our building is designed around two whisper-quiet soundstages. Because we offer both production and post services, we've developed a highly efficient pipeline that allows HD footage to go from shoot to edit suite instantly. Whether it's a live-to-air multicam broadcast, a complex green screen shoot, or simply a great-looking interview, our facility is flexible enough to meet any demand. Take a look at our floorplan for detail on our stages, edit suites, green room, and catering space.