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Award-winning eSignal Campaign

Interactive Data has been riding a wave of creative recognition with us for the past few months. Recently, the commercial campaign that we created for their eSignal product won a 2016 Pixie Award for Outstanding Motion Graphics & Animation. And now we’re proud to announce that this campaign has also won the 2016 Gold Communicator Award of Excellence in the Financial Services Commercial category.

Gold Trophy                                         Gold Trophy

eSignal is an online trading platform for use by professional day traders. We wanted to highlight the platform’s powerful tools that traders use to benefit their work and the financial interests of their clients.

These commercials manage to blend the need to make a highly specialized software feel warm and inviting to the general public without simplifying it’s professional strengths.

GeneWEAVE takes home the prize

Our heartfelt congratulations to the team at GeneWEAVE for winning the First Place trophy of the Dx Creative Communication Awards! They won for best tradeshow and another First Place for the animated video we produced for them.

Geneweave DX Award

Using design standards inspired by our Integrated Videos, the video was created to exist in harmony with its environment. The looped video begins and ends in a design that completes the logo element within the tradeshow booth.

With GeneWEAVE’s Smarticles technology, we expect them to make a big impact in the biomedical industry and to perhaps revolutionize the way we treat bacterial infections.

It was a pleasure working with them, and it looks like everyone’s hard work is getting recognized.


eSignal: Home of Successful Traders

The project we just completed is a commercial spot for eSignal, currently airing nationwide. eSignal is a platform designed for dedicated, professional day traders and we wanted to emphasize the sophistication that eSignal guarantees its users.


The 3D graphics bring eSignal to life, mirroring actual features within the product. This is some of our best work to date and we couldn’t be prouder of our team.

Produced by Transvideo Studios and its creative division, Picturelab


Pebble Smartwatch Video

Breaking news: Transvideo Studios produced the Pebble video posted today on their site, yielding over 50k views in its first day. Video

What We Do: A Manifesto

Transvideo Studios has been in business for more than 30 years.  During this time, we have learned a lot from working with the largest companies in Silicon Valley, and beyond.  As a result, here is what any client can expect when working with us:

  1. We are experts in how video works for companies and organizations, worldwide.  We engage our clients and help them to discover precisely what their messaging should be through video.
  2. Our expertise extends beyond the production of the video. We provide insight into how best to deliver and make use of our product to improve its effectiveness.
  3. We are experts in emerging web technologies. We are up to date on the latest trends so we truly understand the environment. This gives us insight into how to differentiate products in a tight market.
  4. We learn from every project.  We follow-up with our clients long after the video has been delivered to gauge its success.
  5. Our work is highly polished and tailored for the specific needs and style of our clients. Our clients know that a video we provide will not be done in the “Transvideo” style, but rather in the style of the company we work for. We avoid trendiness in favor of what actually works.
  6. We manage the tight deadlines and shifting nature of web tech without blinking an eye. We structure our projects to accommodate the way clients work. Our job is not to educate them or fit them into our model – we adapt to their needs.
  7. We provide a spectrum of creative products that others simply can’t provide at our price point.
  8. Our Silicon Valley California location is ideal as a content provider and thought leader in our market. It is incredibly convenient for local companies to come to us simply due to geography, and we’re growing internationally as well. We’ve produced videos for companies in over 40 countries and languages.
  9. Our longevity and past experience assure our clients that we are not a flash in the pan.
  10. The work we produce is both engaging and effective, thanks to the investment we make in deeply understanding our clients’ needs.

More Than A Blip

The Blippy “What’d You Get?” video is a short animation that introduces the world to Blippy.

What is Blippy? Blippy is a new social-commerce site that lets you share your purchases with friends, who share their purchases with you.

Blippy came to us with a need for a short, concise video that would not just describe what Blippy is, but also inspire the world to use it. We worked closely with the crew at Blippy on the concept, script, storyboards, and animation.

Produced by Transvideo Studios and its creative division, Picturelab


Transvideo Studios on Techcrunch

Transvideo Studios was recently featured on Techcrunch for our work with Blippy and other tech companies in Silicon Valley.

We’re very proud of the quality of work we provide companies in the area, and were humbled by the kind words in the blog post.

The full article is here:

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