Do I need a Professional Video Production Company for Small Shoots?

Even Small Shoots Need Professional Crews

This is a common scenario for us:

We get a call or email from a client who needs to shoot an executive or client in the next week or less. It’s a conference or meeting or a reaction to some current event they want to capture and share with the world. They thought they could do it themselves but decided, last minute, they want a professional video production company.

When we ask them why they decided to hire a professional, the answer is usually that they wanted to make sure it was done.

And that’s the reason why video companies like Transvideo has existed and thrived. Even in this digital age where a phone can shoot a feature film, there are technical and aesthetic reasons to hire people who have years of experience making videos.

Reason #1: Technical

In most cases, you only get one shot to get it right. The CEO isn’t going back up on stage to re-do his keynote speech because you had technical difficulties the first time around. Your client won’t be happy if he has to repeat the same lines over and over again on a testimonial video because your equipment isn’t up to par.

Knowing the technology and tools of the trade is a requirement.

Well, I know how to use my phone to shoot a video.

Sure, you can. Go right ahead. But that leads to Reason #2….

Reason #2: Aesthetics

Your video should look good. You want something on social media that’ll die in a week or less. Okay, go ahead, in that case use your phone. But if you’re shoot a video of a CEO, client or an influencer, you want the video to look good. Because when they look good, it makes your brand look good.

Hiring a professional company like Transvideo or our creative sister company, Picturelab, will ensure you are also receiving the look you want for your video. We are film and creative experts, in addition to doing just video production.

When we’re setting up a shot, we’re not just thinking about technically recording the subject, we’re also thinking like directors of a feature film — angles, color, mise-en-scène. Yes, even for a talking-head corporate video.

Not everyone might notice all the details we consider because we do it right. But audiences will usually notice the details if they are done wrong, and that will affect your brand.

So, even for small shoots, use a professional corporate video production company.